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Our Services

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Thorough Physical Examinations

From nose to tail


Appropriate to your cat's individual needs,

whether they are completely indoor or enjoy time outside.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing

Including digital radiology, blood pressure,

blood work, fecal evaluation and in house urine analysis.


Including spay and neuter, lump removals and cystotomy.

Management of Chronic Diseases

Including diabetes, kidney disease, thyroid disease and asthma.


Comprehensive Dentistry

Including full mouth digital dental X-Rays

with every procedure and surgical extraction(s)

Guidance to Help You Care For Your Cat's Needs

Including tips to medicate, give fluids, brush teeth and care for kittens

         Compassionate End of Life Services

                  Including palliative and hospice care

Weight Management Services

          Large Variety of Prescription Diets Available



Parasite Treatment and Prevention

Fear-Free and Cat Friendly Care

Including pre-visit calming medications, many delicious treats, and

sedation when the fear, anxiety and stress are too high

Cardiology Services

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