Pawla was found in a car engine with a degloved tail when she was only 4 weeks old. 


She has had 4 surgeries total due to the injuries, one of them resulting in the loss of her tail. She needed intense medical care for the first 6 months of her life and during that time she became a member of Just For Cats family. Her eyelids were malformed and she has had a surgery to correct them as well.

  She loves playing in water and has a bad habit of stealing popcorn (and eating it).

Now that she is a mature cat (or so she thinks) she works around the hospital. If your cat ever needs to spend the day at the hospital, Pawla will be sure to check on them to make sure we are providing the appropriate level of feline customer service. 



Even before coming to live at Just for Cats, Jack had a strong friendship with us. His owner was a long time client who brought Jack to us for his medical needs as well as monthly nail trims.


When we learned that Jack's owner had passed away suddenly and there was no one to take him in, we knew that Jack would easily adjust to living here since he was so familiar with everyone.


Jack quickly settled into his role as one of Just For Cats' official mascots and can now be found helping... well, napping at reception and bribing snacks from anyone who will listen.  Jack and Pawla have a typical feline relationship of sharing food one minute and fighting the next!

Baby Jack.jpg