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Carrier Training

Carrier Training

You can download the following infographics to learn more about carrier training. 

Tips for Getting to the Vet

Tips fr Getting to the Vet

You can download the following infographic to learn more about how to get your cat to the vet.

Tips for Medicating Your Cat

Tips for Medicating Your Cat

You can download the following tips to learn more about medicating your cat at home.

Videos showing ways to medicate cats

Pet Sitters

Pet Sitters

Love Em and Leave Em Home- 


Steph's Petsitting- 


Beauty Groomers


The Main Lion- 

Samantha Darcy 


Cat Connections-

Ally Beckham 

Office: 302-256-0353  

Feline Friendly Handling

Fear Free Happy Homes

Fear Free®

Fear Free Happy Homes  

Low Stress Handling®

Stitch bloods.jpeg

Pet Insurance

The following websites give information and compare different pet insurance plans available for your pets

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